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Our Location

The Project Site is within the existing fertilizer complex of FFBL located in the Eastern Industrial Zone, Bin Qasim, Karachi. Land for the project will be transferred/leased out in the name of FPCL in due course of time. Given the following characteristics, the site meets the essential criteria for the projects

  • In vicinity of local distribution network to sell power to K‐Electric
  • Within the vicinity of FFBL to sell power to FFBL fertilizer complex
  • Ample Land availability for the Project
  • Availability of water and other utilities in near proximity
  • Suitability for the construction of intake/outfall structures
  • Port Vicinity for equipment and more importantly coal import
  • Road infrastructure
  • Low cost of site development and suitable topographic‐geological conditions
  • Minimum socio‐economic and environment implications of the Project such as:
    • displacements, availability of nearby ash disposal area etc.

The site coordinates are 67° 25’ longitudes east, 24° 50’ latitude north, about 45 km East / South-East from Karachi