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Fauji Group operates in all parts of its organizational functionalities keeping safety as its top priority. Therefore the CPP being a core Project of Fauji Group will adopt relevant guidelines to ensure the safety of men and material deployed at the plant site. Fauji as a group strives to ensure that the community works in a healthy, safe and environment-friendly atmosphere. For this reason, the company has designed its values and behaviors amongst which Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) is of utmost importance and priority.

Fauji Group is committed to building a safe and healthy workforce that contributes towards the business growth and sustainability. It has a proactive approach to achieve zero harm and making endeavors to align itself with internationally recognized Safety Management Systems.

FFBL not only has a tradition of safety at work but strongly encourages its employees to carry this mindset beyond the workplace and into their homes and communities. Thus FPCL becoming an integral part of FFBL & Fauji Group will ensure the safety of all working personnel as well as the equipment by incorporating the most stringent safety laws and practices in its working boundaries. FPCL will ensure that all the work practices are well within a healthy, safe and environment-friendly atmosphere, by giving utmost importance and priority to the key factors and guidelines promoting safety and health.