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Training & Development

As per the multi‐package contract(s) it will be the OEM’s responsibility to provide customized operation and maintenance training to Employer’s personnel. Such training includes class room as well as On Job Training (OJT). During commissioning and start‐up period, vendor specific training will be provided on‐site to the Employer’s personnel for specified specialist skill for the operation and maintenance of the plant machinery and equipment.

For sustainable optimized performance, FPCL strongly believes in allocating budget for the training and development of the Employees on an ongoing basis. Moreover, FFBL has its own technical training centers and a Training Need Analysis (TNA) based program which determines the training needs and provides training to its employees. This will be utilized for the training of FPCL personnel’s. The program has cross‐functional trainings for the availability of multi-skilled people. In order to upgrade the technical capabilities, different national and international certification programs are offered to FPCL employees.