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Grid Connections

The location of the proposed power Project is around 0.6 KM from the 132 kV Dhabeji – BOC 132kV transmission line which lies in the system network of K‐Electric (formerly known as KESC).

Power will be generated at 11kV / 50 Hz, with Rated Power Factor b/w 0.8 lag to 0.9 lead.
Evacuation of power from FFBL Power Company Limited to the K‐Electric Network will be achieved after step up to 132kV by Looping in‐out arrangement in between existing 132 kV Dhabeji – BOC 132 kV single circuit at the FFBL switchyard (132kV Duplicate Bus ) via 132 kV line.

FPCL has engaged the services of OMS (Pvt.) Ltd. to carry out Grid Interconnection Studies (Load Flow, Short Circuit & Transient Stability) in order to evaluate interconnection scheme for evacuation of power from FPCL to the K‐Electric power system network.
Electrical studies have concluded that K‐Electric network has sufficient capacity to evacuate power (Active & Reactive) from FPCL with all generation capacity options without any transmission constraints or any adverse effect on the K‐Electric network.

B: Interconnection with FFBL Grid: FPCL 60Hz power grid will be connected with FFBL existing power grid (60 Hz) through two (02) parallel equal capacity interconnecting feeders.

FPCL has engaged the services of IEG Slovakia to carry out FFBL‐FPCL Grid Interconnection required electrical studies.

Note: Both 50 Hz and 60 Hz electrical grids will be independent and isolated as separate Steam Turbine Generators are used to produce power at two different frequencies.