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Fuel Usage

The Project expects to utilize approximately 470,000 MT/annum (for 310 days of operations) of coal (as per required specifications). The Project boiler technology allows the use of different quality of coals including imported and indigenous coal. However, at present, the coal is expected to be imported for the project as the Company sees no issues with the availability of quality coal as per required specifications in the international market. Use of indigenous coal as when reliably available can be used. Given the proximity of the Project to the port, the Project expects to utilize either the existing facilities of the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) or the upcoming Pakistan Bulk Terminal facilities for coal receiving and handling.

The Company is in the process of shortlisting coal suppliers (from Indonesia/South Africa along with possible local suppliers) and once finalized will enter into medium ‐ long term Coal Supply Agreement(s) to ensure reliable on spec fuel availability.